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Youth education not only is the focus of the Parish work, but also the mission of our agency. Our agency is dedicated to conduct "Love and Life Education”. We re-established the “Love and Life Education” program since we had received funding from the Hong Kong Catholic diocese in 2004, aiming to convey a message of love and life to the youth, parents and youth workers.


"Love nurturing life, life living out love" is a program that outlines the purpose of love and life education, aiming to let young people understand the meaning and relationship of "love" and "life" and to live out God's love. We have established a series of educational goals according to the developmental need of the youth (e.g. self-esteem, interpersonal relationship and sexual confusion etc). We also implement interactive elements, emphasize experiential learning and guide them in discussing difference issues in the science, psychological and social perspectives so as to foster their analytical and critical thinking ability.


“Love and Life Education” also focuses on the overall development of the youth. By exploring different topics, we guide young people to understand self-worth and inspire them to reflect the meaning and purpose of life. Therefore, “Love and Life Education” features body-mind-spirit whole-person training that aims to help the youth identify their focus and equip them with an ability to judge right and wrong so as to make a good preparation for a fruitful life.


We partner with schools to provide them professional and comprehensive “Love and Life Education” program. We can also tailor-make materials focusing on the needs of the schools and deliver in different ways like talks, workshops or day camps.

How to Apply: (Talks are available in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin)


  • Talks and activities can be arranged by appointment

  • We reply by phone or in writing, to determine the types of services, time and place

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