The Chairman's Remarks

Lee King Chi, Joseph, BBS Chairman of Executive Committee

HKCMAC was established to nurture fulfilling marital relationships through our professional services. As the Chairman of the Executive Committee, I am delighted to have witnessed how our services have been growing from strength to strength. Indeed, the closure of our 50th anniversary celebration has signaled a new page of our service development.


Service Development


Working diligently, HKCMAC earned the sponsorship of the Home Affairs Bureau and the Family Council to launch an 18-month pilot project called Good Parents of Step Families (GPS) “ 親子情緣GPS”. This project aimed at promoting parentchild attachment in stepfamilies through parenting education workshops and on-line education programs. It has been successfully completed. Not only did we achieve the service objectives, we have learned about the struggles experienced by the stepfamilies and developed practice wisdom from our interaction with the parents and their children. We will continue to render the professional intervention to the stepfamilies in need.


Our innovative project -- “Coupling in Sunset”, a marriage enrichment program for elderly couples funded by the Community Chest of Hong Kong is now at its concluding phase after three years of service. Users’ feedback reflects needs on marital nourishment for retiring couples. We will explore further funding support for this priority service.


In addition, we see the importance of promoting responsible parenthood and early intervention in child protection to the young parents. To meet this service need, HKCMAC will submit a proposal to SWD’s funding invitation on the pilot scheme of the on-site social work services for Pre-Primary Institutions (PPIs). We have been looking for PPI partners for launching on-site social work service with good progress.


Another new regularized service initiated by SWD is to render co-parenting support services to separated/divorced parents. The service aims at safeguarding children’s welfare by promoting parental responsibilities and cooperation. HKCMAC, with over 30 years’ of expertise in serving the divorced families and an unwavering commitment to meet their service needs, will respond actively to the proposal invitation.


Governance and Management


Good governance is salient to the delivery of sustained and quality service. To enhance effective governance of HKCMAC, Executive Committee Members have participated in the Hong Kong NGO Governance Health Survey and attended an in-depth debriefing session offered by the Governance and Management Excellence for Public Benefit (GAME). Guided by the consultants, Ms. Christine Fong and Mrs. Agnes Chan, members reviewed our governance structure. Our collaborative efforts led to the broadening of options essential to a healthy and sus-tainable development of a governing Board.


In light of the growing societal needs, Executive Committee Members and staff gathered together in a Retreat to discuss strategies and tactics for the development of services and organization. Follow-up actions were taken to prioritize administrative functions and streamline decision making process and mechanisms. My special thanks go to Dr. Anita Au Kit Ying and her consultancy team for facilitating our discussion in the Retreat.


Thanks and Appreciation


On behalf of the HKCMAC, I convey my heartfelt gratitude to the government departments, organizations and corporations for their tremendous support given to us all these years. They are, namely, the Social Welfare Department, the Home Affairs Bureau, The Community Chest of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation, Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited and the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. I am grateful to our volunteers, donors, corporate partners and members of Executive Committee and Subcommittees for their time, advice and unfailing support. My sincere thanks also go to our energetic staff who have been serving the Council with dedication and professionalism. They are our valuable assets and the people behind our success.


Our dear Bishop Michael Yeung Ming Cheung and Rev. Deignan Alfred Joseph, S.J. are not here with us today. We will never forget their diligent service and selfless contributions to the development of the HKCMAC over the years. They will be missed by everyone at HKCMAC.