Marriage and Family Enrichment
Service Objectives
  • Help individuals to gain self-understanding and build self-esteem

  • Instill proper knowledge and attitude regarding the two genders

  • Enhance marital relationship satisfaction

  • Advocate for responsible and positive attitude to marriage and family

Service Type

According to different needs of the service users, it would include cover a variety of content and adopt different ways of promoting family education. They include school seminars / workshops, youth groups, pre-marital / couple groups, relationship workshops, couples events / seminars, family activities, radio broadcasting, family life education publication, and public exhibition etc.

Family Life Education Workers Qualification

Registered social workers, with extensive work experiences in the areas of marriage and family relationship, youth development, parenting, and mental health education etc.

Target Group and Service Content

Target: Expectant Parents


  • Physical and mental preparation

  • Psychological and mood changes of the couple during pregnancy

  • Marital relationship during pregnancy

  • Coping with postpartum depression

  • Baby and infant development

  • Parental roles and responsibilities

Target: Parents


  • Understand the physiological and psychological development of children

  • Effective children discipline

  • Parent-child communication skills

  • Parents emotions and stress

Target: Adolescent


  • Promoting self-awareness

  • Pubertal changes and adjustment

  • Relationship with Parents

  • Roles and responsibilities of young people

  • Emotion Management

  • Interpersonal relationship and Courtship

Marriage Preparation

Target: Engaged Couple


  • Meaning and expectation of marriage

  • The importance of pre-marital check-up

  • Adjustment to newly wed marital life

  • Couple communication and conflict resolution skills

  • Family planning

  • Sex and marriage

  • Financial management

  • In-law relationship

Marriage Enrichment

Target: Married Couple


  • Roles and responsibilities of the couples

  • Building intimate couple relationship

  • Couple communication and conflict resolution skills

  • Sex and marriage

How to Apply
  • Individuals:

    • Individuals can contact us through website or telephone for inquiries, leaflets or application form

    • Participants can send a completed application form, together with a crossed check to the appropriate office

  • Groups

    • By Appointment: please call 2810 1104 to inquire and arrange seminars and events

    • We will reply by phone or in writing to confirm the type of services, time and place

  • Contact us

    • Address: Room 101, 1/F, Lower Block, Grand Millennium Plaza, 181 Queen's Road Central

    • Email: [email protected]

    • Phone: 2810 1104

    • Fax: 2526 3376

Reminders for Service Users
  • Applicants are required to attend the event, and the registration is not transferable

  • Fill in feedback form at the end of activities